Our Approach


Whatever your professional sphere—be it a church, nonprofit, or business—research into organizational leadership suggests that the most effective leaders are the ones who know their strengths and accept that they don’t have to be strong in every facet of leadership. Finding that balance allows people to develop the kinds of strategies and partnerships necessary to meet the needs of their congregations, organizations, and communities.

Throughout your time in Iron Sharpening Iron you will be encouraged and equipped to understand your unique leadership identity and how best to advocate for yourself in order to lead sustainably and successfully.


All Iron Sharpening Iron participants are women working in ministry settings. Nearly all of the subject matter experts that we engage—plenary speakers, workshop facilitators, panelists—come from outside ecclesial spaces. 

We want our participants to see themselves as valid and valuable interlocutors with people from the nonprofit sphere, academy, public service, and even corporate spaces. You bring the expertise in “church” and do work with one another and the coaching team to translate best practices for your context.

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